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If you’ve had enough of career politicians, backroom deals & government overreach, I need your vote November 7th   Best Qualified To Lead . Stuff You Can Do to Help Change Myrtle Beach!

___ Contact Family/Friends/Associates

___ Make Phone Calls to Voters

___ Hold a Neighborhood Gathering for Ed

___ Help Distribute/Place Yard Signs

___ Write a Letter to the Editor About Ed

___ Invite Ed to Attend Church with You

Taking back Myrtle Beach for it’s citizens and small businesses will require an army of fine people just like you.  So please choose from among the list of Volunteer Activities below and let me know the kinds of things you’re willing to do.  Choose one or more than one - and we’ll be back in touch soon!

___ Enroll New Volunteers for Campaign

___ Walk Neighborhoods/Knock on Doors

___ Place a Yard Sign in Your Yard

___ Volunteer to Attend Events/Meetings

___ Attend a Neighborhood Watch Meeting

___ Other

The Committee to Elect Ed Carey

PO Box 8238

Myrtle Beach, SC 29578


Email = carey4mb@gmail.com


This election will be on top of us before we know it - and the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce is already spending tens of thousands of dollars to protect their power by promoting the re-election of incumbents.  We need you now more than ever.  Whether you can afford an hour a day or just one hour, please call today.  Thanks!

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