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If you’ve had enough of career politicians, backroom deals & government overreach, I need your vote November 7th   Best Qualified To Lead .

My decision to run for mayor is the result of my first-hand observation of the favoritism, cronyism, and subjective decisions that directly affect the lives and businesses of our citizens.

City government is out of control - involved activities that belong in the capable hands of private enterprise. It has used the power of eminent domain to secretly force its way on small business owners. It consistently fails at Job #1: our Safety and Security.

It’s time to think outside the box, to develop and implement serious solutions not political gimmicks. It’s time for term limits, single member districts and total transparency; time for fair, smart, honest government that puts citizens and small businesses first.

Committee To Elect Ed Carey

Box 8238 . Myrtle Beach 29578 . 843-560-9675


“Empty spaces say a lot about our once proud City.  As long as the very                                focal point of Myrtle Beach remains a vacant lot, the                                                               failure of leadership is obvious!”

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